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Austin Half Marathon, Tex-Mex and BBQ Training Update

With the Austin Half Marathon only 2 weeks away, we’ve really kicked up our Tex-Mex and BBQ loading.  As far as the week just ended, here is: What Hal Higdon recommended  ((What I anticipated we’d do)), and [[What we actually did]]

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Pinnacles National Park

Just this side of the San Andreas Fault, south of the SF exurb of Hollister (which, btw, is almost entirely devoid of fashionable teens on skateboards), is the lazy man’s Yosemite National Park, Pinnacles National Park.  This National Park received … Continue reading

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The TireMinder Post

The TireMinder kit from Camping World arrived today. I’ve read enough horror stories about Chinese bombs and blow-outs on RV.net, and seen YouTube videos of the foregoing, to have been scared straight into purchasing this product.  You think TireMinder seeded those anecdotes on … Continue reading

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Shakedown Cruise. Dallas to Caprock Canyon State Park.

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Here is the PDI Post, Part 2

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Here is the PDI Post, Part 1

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Additional Questions

UPDATED With answers. I have joined the Class B Forum (www.classbforum.com), and contributors have already provided some great questions to add to my list:

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Pre-Delivery Inspection

It appears we will pick up our RV tomorrow.  Here is some of the questions I have come up with–some being very specific to our 2016 ERA 70X.  Anything you would add?

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