Turkey Week

Turkey Trot

It’s Turkey Trot week, and considering how badly our training has fallen off for this week’s 10K, there may be more than one turkey on display Thursday. Continue reading

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Pinnacles National Park

IMG_5170 IMG_5172

Just this side of the San Andreas Fault, south of the SF exurb of Hollister (which, btw, is almost entirely devoid of fashionable teens on skateboards), is the lazy man’s Yosemite National Park, Pinnacles National Park.  This National Park received its designation less than 3 years ago, and it is just an hour and a half south of the Western Outpost. It is fairly uncrowded, entirely off the grid, and they have about 30 walkup RV spaces available. So at 2 p.m. Friday afternoon, we had no idea what the weekend was going to involve, and at 4 pm we were parking the Conestoga in space 93 ($36.00 per night plus $10 National Park Admission Fee), desperately trying to get a cell signal and Dish network signal. Continue reading

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HalloWine, a Northern Sonoma 5K


The official start of our 12 week training for the Maui Half Marathon started with a Halloween Day run in Northern Sonoma county about 100 miles north of the Western Outpost.  It was a small race, with about 500 Half Marathoners and 350 5K runners.  We ran the 5K, which was generally downhill for 2 miles, then flat to the finish at the Trentadue Winery. Continue reading

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Hello Wine


We’re taking a quick RV trip into Sonoma this weekend to run the HalloWine 5K (it’s the last 3.1 miles of the HalloWine Half Marathon). Although this has the benefit of allowing S to get her training jumpstarted for the Maui Half Marathon, the real reason we’re going is for the Wine and Music Festival afterwards. We’ve been sampling wine here locally on an ad-hoc basis, and it’ll be nice to have a bunch of wines to sample all in one place.  The run is Healdsburg to Geyserville in the northern Sonoma valley. Should be nice, but cool (perhaps 55 F at the start). We’re hoping a local winery lets us stay in their parking lot overnight.  Results of the wine tasting to come. Depending on how we do, results of the run may or may not be posted.

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Training Update

Turkey Trot

Training for the Turkey Trot 10K continues, which is dumb as the Turkey Trot and the Dallas Marathon Relay are actually part of the training for the Maui Half Marathon in January.  We just received word that the Frisco course has been changed.  Last years’ 10K run, comprised of (2) 4.5K laps, with the comingling of 5K dog walkers and 10K  runners, was a minor fiasco.  This year, the split of the 5K and 10K runners occurs early, which should segregate the serious 9:00 minute/mile runners from the Turkey costumed walkers. Hopefully, the new route will actually be 10K.   Anyway, the training route out West continues to be the 4 + miles on the Guadalupe River Trail, 2 or three times this week. Continue reading

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ERA70X at almost 5 Months


We’ve had the RV almost 5 Months now, and as part of our continuing effort to document the 2016 Winnebago ERA70X we thought it time for an update.  The unit now has 7,129 miles on the odometer which is about 1,500 miles per month. Of course, that includes 1,000 miles to get it from the factory to Dallas, and then 2,500 miles from Dallas to the Western Outpost. Continue reading

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Visiting the 51st State for Coffee


Is Fear of Trees Rational?

Thursday evening before the long weekend started with a record-setting PAC-12 showdown at Stanford Stadium where the Cardinal had no problem handling the UCLA Bruins.  We witnessed a record-setting all-purpose yards game by the Stanford running back as well as the catch of the year by a Stanford receiver.  Because we do not follow Pac-12 football, the names of both of those players escapes me. But it was a good game, interrupted by the confusing, not-that-funny half-time antics of the Stanford band.  We get irreverent, and are well aware of the Stanford band schtick.  But the 2015 version really isn’t clever or humorous. Continue reading

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Texas vs. ou


Halftime and the Good Guys lead, shockingly, 14-3.  We had a chance to get tickets at $200 each, but fearful of a TCU type beatdown, took a pass.  Oh well, for those Horn fans that took a chance, they’re enjoying great weather and a rare half of Texas domination. Let’s hope the Horns keep the pressure on in the second half.

Turkey Trot

After the San Jose Rock n Roll Half Marathon 2 weeks ago, its time to get the miles up for the Turkey Trot and Dallas Marathon Relay.  Training this week was spotty, but did get in a few miles: Monday and Tuesday were 5K runs around Cypress Crossing, exercise bike on Wed and Thurs, then 5 miles around Cypress Crossing on Friday.  Stay tuned about a secret project for the RV, and a few new road trips up to Oregon this Fall. Back to the game–Horns driving in the second half.

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2015 Turkey Trot 10K

Turkey Trot

With the San Jose RnR in the rear view mirror, our next training event is the 2015 Turkey Trot 10K in Frisco. Last year, we set PRs for 10Ks here, although the Garmin indicated it was more of a 9K run.  We’ll probably find a way to fit in a Halloween themed run before then, all part of the training for the next Half Marathon to take place in January in Maui. Continue reading

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Those damn Winnebago window screens

I drafted this some time ago and never posted it.  These are still a problem in search of a solution.  McClain’s “fixed’ the window screens that attach to the inner frames when the coach was in last time, but the weak connector with the pliable glue in the Texas heat again conspired to loosen the screens, and now they are falling off the frames again.  Winnebago, please recognize that this is an engineering embarrassment.  I am going to work on finding a solution and once I do (I may have new connectors fabricated), I am going to make them available at a nominal price via Pay Pal.  Stay posted.

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