Austin Half Marathon, Tex-Mex and BBQ Training Update

2016 Austin Marathon

With the Austin Half Marathon only 2 weeks away, we’ve really kicked up our Tex-Mex and BBQ loading.  As far as the week just ended, here is:

What Hal Higdon recommended  ((What I anticipated we’d do)), and [[What we actually did]]

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2016 Austin Half Marathon, Redux

2016 Austin Marathon

We’ve enjoyed the opportunities we’ve had to drive the RV to running, hiking and biking events, so here is one that is shaping up as a possibility.  We are signed up for a return to Central Texas for the Austin Half Marathon on February 14, 2016. What better way to express your love for your SO than to suffer, together, the long, agonizing climb from the Colorado River to Ben White Boulevard along South Congress Avenue. Continue reading

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It’s OK to ask “Are you OK?”


A good place to start the story of how we ran a Half Marathon at a blistering, Boston qualifying 7:40 pace is at the beginning.  Light rail to SJC. SJC to POGG on a Hawaiian 767-300.  Headed to Maui for the 2016 Maui Oceanfront Half Marathon. Continue reading

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Northern Polynesia


The Pacific Ocean, looking Southwest

This week our tapering for the Maui Oceanfront Half Marathon continues.  Tomorrow we enjoy Hawaiian’s Boeing 767-300 (ETOPS) service southwest to Northern Polynesia for the run (T -7 days). No in-flight Wi-Fi for the 5.5 hour flight means reading a thick guide to the Linux operating system.   No spoilers, please. Continue reading

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If anyone from McClain’s RV is reading this, it’s been a few days since I left VMs with your Corinth Store Service Department, looking for a time I can bring in the unit for winterizing.  You still have not responded–so never mind.  I’m going to do it myself. Continue reading

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Texas Tornado


As I alluded on my last post, we ran our long runs on Christmas Day as the weather was looking iffy for the weekend.  This is what “iffy” looks like: an EF4 tornado just 15 miles or so to the east of us that traversed Dallas, Sunnyvale, Garland, Rowlett and Eastern Collin County. We followed the storms on, including storm chaser Nathan Moore’s live video feed (see above) and had a chance to drive through the affected area today.

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Merry Christmas


We hope you had a Merry Christmas and received everything that was on your list.  Mother Nature gave us 73 degrees, partly cloudy and calm winds, so I gave myself a 10 mile run (5 times around the Cypress Crossing 2 mile loop) at a molasses-like pace of 10:49 and S gave herself a 6 mile run and a swollen tendon, all in preparation for the Maui Half Marathon that lurks on the horizon. Continue reading

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Dallas Marathon Relay Report

Dallas Marathon

We won the Dallas Marathon relay. Sort of.  It was an un-official competition against 2 other teams, and we beat one by 41 seconds and the other by several minutes.  Weather was not as bad as was originally forecast.  At the 8:05 a.m. start, there was still some rain moving through Dallas, and the temperature was in the mid-50s. By the time the first hand-off from L to me at mile 4.25, the rain had ended.

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Texas, West Coast, Texas, East Coast, Texas


It’s a geographical club sandwich. About 10 days ago, we headed to the Western Outpost to work a few days and collect the Conestoga to drive it back to Texas for the winter.  I’ve flown the TX-CA route so many times that I can ignore everything going on outside the aircraft window, and by sensing the amount of time in the air and whether we are taking the S route toward Las Vegas or N route via Mono Lake, tell exactly when we are about to cross Shiprock NM or the Grand Canyon.  Quite a skill to have when the pigmen take over the earth. Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

Turkey Trot

Waking up at 6:ish a.m. on Thanksgiving Day to run 6+ miles. Lunacy. But S and I and 6,400 lunatics did that today in the first Frisco.  The out and back route was better than last year’s dual loop, but this route had its own issue. Continue reading

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