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R and R (Races and RVing)

We are signed up for the Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Marathon next week.  If you’ve seen the highly acclaimed movie Sideways with Paul Giamatti, you’ll have a good idea of the towns, back roads and vineyards we will be running … Continue reading

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Austin Half Marathon, Tex-Mex and BBQ Training Update

With the Austin Half Marathon only 2 weeks away, we’ve really kicked up our Tex-Mex and BBQ loading.  As far as the week just ended, here is: What Hal Higdon recommended  ((What I anticipated we’d do)), and [[What we actually did]]

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ERA70X at almost 5 Months

We’ve had the RV almost 5 Months now, and as part of our continuing effort to document the 2016 Winnebago ERA70X we thought it time for an update.  The unit now has 7,129 miles on the odometer which is about … Continue reading

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Those damn Winnebago window screens

I drafted this some time ago and never posted it.  These are still a problem in search of a solution.  McClain’s “fixed’ the window screens that attach to the inner frames when the coach was in last time, but the … Continue reading

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Western Outpost, Xite Update, RnR Update, Misc.

We headed out West September 3 to establish the temporary outpost.  AA and SW each have a northern route to the SF Bay area, and a southern route.  The northern route goes from Dallas to Amarillo, north of ABQ over … Continue reading

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The Tire Minder Post 2–Beta Test

Sometimes the solution becomes part of the problem.  This happens in programming when a patch to fix a security bug inadvertently creates a bigger security hole.  It sort of happened today with the Tire Minder. The TM is the solution, … Continue reading

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Xite Chronicles Part 3

My tribulations with the Xite AM/FM/DVD/Backup Camera/GPS/Sirius/XM/Toaster unit in the ERA 70X continue to vex me, but I am beginning to think that many of the issues are related to the geometry of the coach into which the unit has … Continue reading

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Mystery of the Missing PSI-Mystery SOLVED

I posted this at and got some quick responses. Our new 2016 Winnebago ERA 70X has Continental Vanco 4Seasons tires. The front tires are supposed to be at 60 psi. The left front has had no problem maintaining that … Continue reading

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Warranty work all done (almost, maybe)

5 Minutes after I posted the Warranty Update yesterday, our service advisor called to say the coach is ready.  So we sat in traffic on Interstate 35 just South of Denton while they cleared an accident, hoping to get to … Continue reading

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Another Warranty Update

Called McClain’s today to get a status update.  The coach was taken in early Wednesday and since it is in the “honeymoon” stage, it supposedly goes to the front of the line.  Called today, Friday, to find out from my … Continue reading

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