Accidental Marathon Training



Just as our path forward with training for a full Marathon appeared uncertain, we have inadvertently added some runs that nicely correlate with Hal Higdon’s Marathon Training Guide for novices, v.2. It started last weekend with S and I splitting a half Marathon in Santa Barbara, then today we signed up for that 12K running freak show through San Francisco known as the Bay to Breakers.

BtoBThe 7.5 mile run starts near Pier 35 just off The Embarcadero and heads West through the heart of San Francisco, over some particularly steep hills.  The infamous Hayes Hill  is one of the most notorious hills in all of racing.

  • Starting Point: Mile 2
  • Length: Approximately 2/3 miles
  • Average Grade: 5.5%
  • Steepest Grade: 11%

It will be fun, in a sadistic way, to compare it to the Santa Barbara corkscrew from last weekend.  This race features over 10,000 runners, many of them dressed in costumes. Most consider it less an athletic event and more a Sunday morning 7 mile block party. We’ve not done this run before, but from what we’ve heard, it is like Castro Street on Halloween, right down to the public nudity.  Hopefully, the, ahem, “runners” were truthful when filling out their registrations, so that those who intend to drink and stumble along the route start in the back corrals.  S and I estimated 9 minute mile paces to hopefully get out front of the chaos and actually spend most of our energy running, not avoiding 6 foot pink gorillas and spotted cows.  We’ve become running snobs.



Want a good laugh? Here are some of the rules:

6.1.Alcohol Prohibited The consumption or possession of alcohol or any control substance in the race starting area or race course is strictly prohibited. Individuals found in possession of alcohol or any control substance will be asked to leave the race course and will be subject to arrest. Alcohol will be available for purchase at the Finish Line Festival and is the only allowed alcohol allowed in this area.

6.2.     Athletic Attire:  In all events competitors must wear clothing that is clean, designed and worn so as not to be objectionable.  USATF Rule 142

6.4.     Professional Conduct of Participants:  All participants are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner during their participation in the Bay to Breakers. This means, for example, that urinating or defecating anywhere on or near the course shall be strictly prohibited except in toilet facilities.

Good luck with that, race officials.

San Diego RnR

So last weekend we ran 7 miles, this weekend we run 7.5  miles, then off to Texas to hopefully get in a 10 mile run in anticipation of another run we just signed up for, the San Diego Rock n Roll Half Marathon on June 5.  Here’s our quickly thrown together training schedule.

5-11 Wed Elliptical
5-12 Thurs 4 miles
5-13 Fri 3 miles
5-14 Sat Elliptical
5-15 Sun 7.5 Miles Bay to Breakers
5-16 Mon Elliptical
5-17 Tues 3 miles
5-18 Wed 4 miles
5-19 Thurs 3 miles
5-20 Fri Rest
5-21  Sat 5 miles
5-22  Sun 7 miles
5-23 Mon exercise bike
5-24 Tues 4 miles
5-25 Wed 7 miles
5-26 Thurs 4 miles
5-27 Fri exercise bike
5-28 Sat 10 miles
5-29 Sun Elliptical
5-30 Mon 6 miles
5-31 Tues 4 miles
6-1 Wed 5 miles
6-2 Thurs 3 miles
6-3 Fri elliptical
6-4 Sat elliptical
6-5 Run SD RnR Half Marathon

Seems to me that we could ramp up to a full marathon sometime in mid July….

S vehemently disagrees.

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