Climbing the Mountain


I joked about the hill at mile 12 of the Austin Half Marathon in my last post, which was an about face from my cursing of that hill as I ran it. I named it the Crusher, because after conquering the 4 hills leading up to it, having run 93% of the Austin Half Marathon, that steep hill on 15th Street has a tendency to crush one’s spirit.  So many people end up walking.  Fortunately, our next run, the Dallas Rock n Roll Half Marathon is flat and fast.

The Crusher is nothing compared to running a full Marathon–26.2 freaking miles.  Without stopping and, preferably, without puking.  It is the difference between jogging up the Crusher vs. summiting Everest. Okay, maybe not Everest, but certainly K2. Everest and K2 each rise ~5.5 miles above sea level. Yeah, they are slightly inclined, but a Marathon is 6 times further in distance and you don’t get to use oxygen.


Well, we have decided to train for, and run, a full Marathon this year. It’ll be my second, and the first for S. Our own personal K2s.

We want it to be a good sized race with good crowd support, but flat and with temperate weather. And although  I think that a training program could position us for a late April-early May Marathon, S is still recovering from her running injury, so we will push it back to the Fall. For a Spring Marathon, I would not mind doing the OKC Marathon again, but then again, if one is putting in the miles, why not run a different event?

OKC Marathon

Except for the timing, the OKC Marathon is perfect–great crowd support, flat course, and decent weather if one does not mind severe thunderstorms and high humidity.  The other great Spring Marathon is Boston, of course.  But, unfortunately, the BAA has asked that I not run Boston this year because my presence will discourage elite runners from attending.

Even though we have settled on a Fall Marathon, our choices are not diminished.  Now, there are two great Fall Marathons that come to mind, but both are so oversubscribed, that they have lotteries for non-qualifying (unqualified?) entrants:

Chicago Marathon

Chicago is the big Fall race.  That is where all the elite runners will be on October 9. As an aside, for some reason, there are a lot of Marathons the weekend of October 9.  Here are the lottery instructions:


So as I understand it, we submit an application, including a credit card number, and if our names are selected in the lottery, our CC is charged, even if we don’t run.  Now the problem is what if one of us is chosen and the other is not–That would not be good.  Not sure if we can condition our application based on both of us getting in.

Marine Copr Marathon

The other major Fall Marathon is the Marine Corp Marathon in late October. It also has a lottery for the unqualified:


Unless we are able to address the lottery issue (one gets in, the other doesn’t), it looks like we may end up at the October 9 Marathon that hosts those who cannot get into Chicago:

Twin Cities Marathon

The Twin Cities Marathon in Minneapolis-St. Paul is a flat course with great crowd support. All the reviewers at speak highly about the event.  But the weather is the crap shoot there.  Having experienced snow in Kansas City in October, white, blizzard weather in Minnesota is certainly possible.  As I have said before, I prefer running in temps from 60-80 degrees. 50-60 is uncomfortable, but doable.  Below 50 degrees? No thanks.  So, there you have it.  We will run a Marathon in 2016. The only question is which one.  Feel free to add your recommendations to the comments.


On the RV front, the Conestoga is at McClain’s undergoing the LP hose recall replacement. We are also having the various warranty issues addressed as has been documented in these posts.  Let’s see if Winnebago steps up and takes care of those g-d screens.

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Between the two of us, we are proud parents, Texans, Texas Exes, long distance runners, cyclists, adventurers, a guitar player, a computer programmer, a great cook, a lawyer, an engineer, a physicist, etc. etc.
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