Austin Half Marathon, Tex-Mex and BBQ Training Update

2016 Austin Marathon

With the Austin Half Marathon only 2 weeks away, we’ve really kicked up our Tex-Mex and BBQ loading.  As far as the week just ended, here is:

What Hal Higdon recommended  ((What I anticipated we’d do)), and [[What we actually did]]

Sun 1-24: 10-K run ((3 mile run out West)) [[3 mile run out West]]

Mon 1-25: Cross train ((Air travel to Texas, 3 mile run, La Hacienda Ranch for Tex-Mex)) [[3 mile run, Chuy’s Tex-Mex]]


Tues 1-26: 5 mile run ((cross, Chuy’s for Tex-Mex)) [[sat on butt all day, No-Mex/BBQ]]

Wed 1-27: 3 mile run or cross ((3 mile run, La Hacienda Ranch for Tex-Mex))  [[3 mile run, bowling, No-Mex/BBQ]]

Thurs 1-28: 5 mile run ((4 mile run, Texas BBQ)) [[4 mile run, Christina’s Tex-Mex]]


Fri 1-29: Rest ((cross, Pappasitos for Tex-Mex)) [[2 mile run, La Hacienda Ranch Tex-Mex]]


Sat 1-30: Cross ((3 mile run, Torchy’s Tacos, Chuy’s Tex-Mex)) [[10 mile run, Hutchins BBQ]]


The weather today for our long run was almost perfect. 73 degrees and blue skies, although a persistent wind from the Southwest made the run challenging when in our faces. I ran our long route out of the back of Cypress Crossing, then I went counterclockwise, East then North up Ridge Road to Virginia, South down Stonebridge Ranch and back into Cypress Crossing (7 miles) then finished the last 3 miles in Cypress Crossing. S split off at the back of Cypress Crossing and ran clockwise generally opposite my route.  The new Mizuno shoes may have been slightly loose as the middle toes on both feet now ache–the ache that usually portends the nails going black and falling off.  That malady is common among distance runners.



We wanted to take the RV into McClain’s this week for the warranty items (loose bolts on sink and stove, squealing brakes, recall issue (LP hose)), but was told the RV would sit on the lot for 10-14 days before they even looked at it.  Because we need the RV for our Austin Half Marathon trip, we decided not to take it in this week, but take it in Feb. 16 when we are back in town after the run.  That gives McClain’s 30 days to get it in and get it fixed.  I need to go back through my posts to see what other niggling issues require warranty work.


Back to the Western Outpost tomorrow for a week of work and training in the Bay Area.

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Between the two of us, we are proud parents, Texans, Texas Exes, long distance runners, cyclists, adventurers, a guitar player, a computer programmer, a great cook, a lawyer, an engineer, a physicist, etc. etc.
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2 Responses to Austin Half Marathon, Tex-Mex and BBQ Training Update

  1. eeltinge says:

    I was told by my Winnebago dealer there are about 14 different versions of the LP hose. It depends on the option’s configurations. Fortunately, based on the serial number, the factory sent the right one for my unit. I also was unable to connect the outside shower hose. The faulty connector valve was also replaced under warranty. Coming back from Lake Havasu/Quartzsite this week, I heard a clicking noise coming from the front brake areas. Turned out it emanated from the front Winnebago hub cabs being dirty inside. Mercedes said it was not their issue, but cleaned the insides, the problem disappeared, but will probably reappear. They said to pressure wash thru the holes to forestall a reoccurrence. Interesting………


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