Happy Thanksgiving

Turkey Trot

Waking up at 6:ish a.m. on Thanksgiving Day to run 6+ miles. Lunacy. But S and I and 6,400 lunatics did that today in the first Frisco.  The out and back route was better than last year’s dual loop, but this route had its own issue.


First of all, the weather was as good as could be expected for late November.  Gun time 62 degrees although the south wind at 15 mph, gusting to 20 slowed the pace.  As I type, we have rain and cold entering into the Texas panhandle from the Northwest and expect rain from the remnants of Pacific hurricane Sandra this weekend.  It could have been much more miserable.  The first half or so of the 10K was with the wind at our backs.  On the last 2.5 miles it was in our face.  Unless you’ve cycled or run into a wind, it’s hard to understand the toll it takes. It’s similar to running uphill.  On the  last mile, we turned into Frisco Town Square and the buildings funneled the wind into our face even stronger.  Now the organizers did a great job of keeping the 10K runners and 5K runners separated-that is until the last 1/4 mile.


Then for some inexplicable reason the organizers decided to combine us into one chute for the finish. So we have 10K runners who have been running for 45-55 minutes, kicking in for the finish, having to weave and dodge rolling roadblock 5K walkers.  These were the same groups of the 4 and 5 abreast walkers who lined up near the front at the start. You know, with the 7 minute/mile runners.  As fun as it was to navigate through them in the first half mile, it was great to see them again at the end of the run.  Talk about a brain fart by the course organizers. But anyway, it’s all in good fun.  Runners dressed as pilgrims, Indians, turkeys and roller coasters.


We both finished with decent but average times. At least S has an excuse as she continues rehab. I managed a 9:30 pace, about 30 seconds slower than what I need at the Dallas relay.


MCMeanwhile, out west near the other Frisco, where diesel is 140% of what it costs here, the Conestoga chills:


Enjoy the turkey, Cowboys and Longhorns today. Let’s pray our teams avoid finding yet another novel way to disappoint.  Next stop, Dallas Relay Marathon.

Dallas Marathon

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