Training Update

Turkey Trot

Training for the Turkey Trot 10K continues, which is dumb as the Turkey Trot and the Dallas Marathon Relay are actually part of the training for the Maui Half Marathon in January.  We just received word that the Frisco course has been changed.  Last years’ 10K run, comprised of (2) 4.5K laps, with the comingling of 5K dog walkers and 10K  runners, was a minor fiasco.  This year, the split of the 5K and 10K runners occurs early, which should segregate the serious 9:00 minute/mile runners from the Turkey costumed walkers. Hopefully, the new route will actually be 10K.   Anyway, the training route out West continues to be the 4 + miles on the Guadalupe River Trail, 2 or three times this week.

Guadulupe Trail

Two days were cross-training, 30 minutes on the elliptical and one day was 1 hour cross training on the Martin (with new strings and lowered action) at Gryphon Stringed Instruments.


Those with the knowledge of NFL Geography will know that just to the west of the Guadalupe River Trail on Tasman Drive in Santa Clara is the new Levi’s Stadium, home of the formerly great, currently struggling SF 49’ers.  Last night we hiked the trail 2 miles there and 2 miles back to watch the 49ers get manhandled by the Seattle Seahawks. Although we nominally cheer for the 49ers, we did not have much to cheer about last night (Seattle 20, SF 3). On the big screen during commercials, they still show “The Catch”.  It’s been something like 30 years. Time to move on.


The Seahawks travel well.  I guess if your team is dominating, you earn the right to be  jerks.  We had quite a few obnoxious Seattle fans sitting around us. Because we did not have a dog in the fight, we were just amused by the taunting back and forth.  I don’t condone it at all, but I can see how things escalate to stabbings between fans. People, chill. It’s dudes in spandex fighting over a ball. We think many of the Seattle fans decided to make it a long weekend in the Bay area as the UW Huskies play Stanford Saturday.  Anyway, we did get a 1 song Sammy Hagar concert at halftime.  So even though the home team lost, there was a sliver of 80s rock and roll to compensate. Sports Soapbox:  Compared to the action of college football, pro football is a bore.  Suggestion: the NFL needs to do away with offensive pass interference and offensive holding. Give the QBs 30 seconds in the pocket.  Let the receivers push, manhandle, assault, etc. the defensive backs to get free.  Let’s see regular NFL scores of 62-48.  Last night, it took 3+ hour to get to 20-3. Yawn.


Tomorrow, Texas takes on K-State, 2 weeks after dominating OU.  It should be a fun game in torrential rain.  We’ll see if the local Texas Exes are meeting at a local pub, although a 9 a.m. kick-off is not too conducive to brats and Shiner. Maybe Mimosa’s and omelettes. Hook ‘Em Horns.

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Between the two of us, we are proud parents, Texans, Texas Exes, long distance runners, cyclists, adventurers, a guitar player, a computer programmer, a great cook, a lawyer, an engineer, a physicist, etc. etc.
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