Roadtrip 5-Austin, Issues, Food and Training Update

IMG_4143[1]We had a bladder problem on our weekend trip to Austin. As we’ve documented, we are keeping the black water tank unused and pristine, and the bladder problem has nothing to do with that.  We noticed a thin layer of water from the galley sink in the drawer under the sink, but fortunately it ended up in the plastic utensil holder, not on the faux wood, and were able to trace the leak to the threads holding the sink to the drain.  Water was also slowly draining from the sink. Turns out the one way bladder in the elbow pipe under the sink had closed and not re-opened.  So water was backing up and working its way through the threads, then leaking into the plastic bin.


I removed the elbow drain pipe and pushed the bladder back into the correct position and the water drained again. Fortunately, we avoided a Warranty Claim at McClain’s.

Tire Minder Report from Austin trip:

LF 57.9 PSI 102F

RF 58.2 PSI 98 F

LRO 64.7 PSI 96 F

LRI 53.4 PSI 96 F

RRO 52.7 PSI 89 F

RRI 61.3 PSI 91F

We need to get valve extenders to better access the inner dually tires as we were unable to get in there to add air to get them to 61 PSI.

First night in Austin stayed at La Hacienda RV Resort in the Horseshoe Bend area of Lake Travis. Nice Facilities, good restrooms, pool and exercise room. $52.00.  Overall Rating 9 out of 10, only because location was some distance from downtown Austin. Early RVs:


Getting camping supplies at REI:


Austin is great for small cars. Here, we take up 4 small car parking spots.  Prius owners should be riding bikes anyway.



BBQ and Football.




IMG_4009Second night in Austin, stayed at the Pecan Grove RV Park on Barton Springs Road. $40.00. About 70% of RVs there appear to be long-timers there. Friendly neighbors. Great location. Poor facilities.  Rating 6 out of 10. Location near Barton Springs and its 68 degree spring fed pool:


Bicycle escort to our spot:


Yep, this is the People’s Republic of Austin:


Easy to get around on a bike:


Frito Pie and Burger at the Shady Grove just down the road:



Barton Springs Picnic has a number of food trailers:


Breakfast at Austin Java:




Buccees in Temple, Texas 1.99 per gallon for Diesel Fuel.



Rock n Roll Training

Friday 30 Minutes Cross Training at RV Park Exercise Room

Saturday 3.35 mile run around Austin Town Lake. The heat, dust and hills made it seem a lot longer. S escorted me along the bike path.

Sunday, back in DFW and fit in a 10 mile, 1 hour 53 minute run on the Great Circle Path.  6.11 Miles became 8 miles, then 9 miles then 10 miles.  Painful leg cramps, tender toes (a toenail will be lost) and stiff joints are the reward.  It was supposed to only be an 8 mile run according to the Training Plan, but why stop there?


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Between the two of us, we are proud parents, Texans, Texas Exes, long distance runners, cyclists, adventurers, a guitar player, a computer programmer, a great cook, a lawyer, an engineer, a physicist, etc. etc.
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