RnR Training Update

San Jose RnR

Sunday, Aug 9: 30 Minute cross-training


Monday, Aug 10: 4.15 Mile run on the Northern T-route. 101 degrees, clouds of gnats. To the neighbors who don’t understand the concept of watering their lawns on garbage day, and instead watered today-Thank you.  Running through your sprinklers was refreshing.


Tuesday, Aug 11: 2 Mile run on the Cypress Crossing Route after dusk. Cool 95 degrees.  Mouthful of gnats in the Savannah Drive cul-de-sac. Delicious.


Wednesday Aug 12: 3.66mile run with the modified West route. S walked about 2 miles–she is getting back into condition after her nagging tendonitis. I think she’ll be back up to 6 miles this weekend. Ziggy the neighbor dog was running loose. Recently shaved, I thought he was a rabbit. We usually see about 4 or 5 rabbits on our runs.  We’ve been overrun with rabbits this year due to the heavy spring rains.

Thursday Aug 13: 3.66 mile run with the modified West route. Same route as last night. My Garmin died last night during the run, so I re-ran the route today with a charged Garmin to confirm. Yep. 3.66 Miles. We are not keeping up with the training schedule though. Should have been a 5 mile run. Thinking about Red River Bike Rally this weekend. Sat Morning, slept right through the starting gun.


Friday August 14: 2.64 Mile run with the abbreviated, modified West route.  Cooler temps at 90 degrees made it bearable.

Sat August 15: Cross 6 mile Bike Ride


Sunday August 16: 7 Mile Western Spaghetti Route. 78 degrees.

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Between the two of us, we are proud parents, Texans, Texas Exes, long distance runners, cyclists, adventurers, a guitar player, a computer programmer, a great cook, a lawyer, an engineer, a physicist, etc. etc.
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