Fourth Road Trip Report

We headed out from Dallas to College Station, Texas Friday evening for a quick 24 hour trip.  We arrived in BCS late (11 p.m.), so thought it would be good to try boondocking (e.g., no fees for an RV park). Coming in 21 then Highway 6, we were surprised that we did not see a Wal-Mart.  So we headed toward Texas A&M and the George Bush library. The parking lots there were empty, and we kept, as a last resort, the idea of parking in the bus/RV lot.  As were headed toward Kyle Field, we passed Blue Bell Baseball stadium and spied two 5th wheels in a parking lot. It turned out to be E.D. Olsen Park:Aggie_RVThe gate was open, but there was no-one around to check us in. There were probably 50 RV spots, but only our Class B and the two fifth wheelers.  Our view (imagine it is nighttime):


We went ahead and parked in an isolated spot, cranked on the Onan and settled in about midnight. Around 2 a.m. I got up and turned off the A/C and Onan and turned on the fan.  That lasted about 15 minutes–the humidity and 85 degree Southeast Texas weather, even at night, is fairly unbearable.  We halfway expected a 3 a.m. LEO rapping on the side of the coach, but if it happened it was masked by the Tylenol PM. We were awakened by the 6 a.m. horn of the Southern Pacific that crawls past the baseball stadium.  If A&M Baseball is ever good enough to be on ESPN, you’ll see the train.  And the announcers will spend an inordinate amount of time talking about the train.  It’s College Station. The town, which has a college,  was named after a train stop.  They also have a couple of saloons.  So, by the a.m. light, this was what the people in the 5th wheels saw:


Our new “Hook ‘Em Horns” license plates now adorn the coach.  Driving around Texas A&M, our loyalties are on full display.  We packed up, had breakfast with family at the Cracker Barrel, then headed back to Dallas.  Along Interstate 45 about halfway between Houston and Dallas, there is this:


We parked in the shade next to a diesel pump, went in and stocked up on gas and Texas kitsch. Gonzales Battle Flag and Texas stop sign–words to live by:


We headed back to the coach with our impaled tortilla wrapped sausages and found an odd thing–someone had pulled the driver’s side windshield wiper away from the windshield (as one does in the winter to keep it from freezing to the glass). It was 102 degrees, so I do not think someone was being helpful in that regard.   I don’t like strangers messing with  the coach (see Texas stop sign above). We Googled to find if there was some meaning to this, but did not anything helpful there.  Feel free to comment if you think someone was trying to alert us to something.

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Between the two of us, we are proud parents, Texans, Texas Exes, long distance runners, cyclists, adventurers, a guitar player, a computer programmer, a great cook, a lawyer, an engineer, a physicist, etc. etc.
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