The Xite Post, Part One

This is the Xite post, part 1. If you scroll below, you will find my Xite vent. I had the coach in at Car Toys to try to see what we could do to improve the sound quality of the front radio, but alas, after taking apart the dash, Car Toys determined that without major hacksawing, there is not much that can be done.

Xite Radio

Further, the tech at Car Toys thinks the root problem is the Xite (Riverpark) unit. It is their opinion that any amplifier/upgraded speakers on the egress will only marginally help–garbage in-amplified garbage out. So we are stuck with HD Satellite content delivered with AM radio sound from the ’60s. I decided to call Xite to get their input on this and the poor GPS performance.

RiverPark Inc

Technical Support

I spoke with Josh at Riverpark. Riverpark is the distributor of this radio–they do not make the unit. I first brought up the problem with the GPS latency. He asked if we did a reset. I told him we did (when we had the video problem–resetting that did not help with the GPS). He was not personally aware of the problem with the GPS latency, but said he would touch base with 2 of the other techs and get back to me.

Josh 2 (Santos) called me back in about 5 minutes and wanted to know if it was just the GPS with the latency problem. I said that when the unit is first turned on, there is about 20 seconds before the volume knob becomes operable (screen comes on immediately). It reminded me of the old days when you had to let the vacuum tubes warm up. Maybe that’s the problem, the unit is using vacuum tubes. That would explain why the temp sensor on it always says 129 F. Anyway, Santos suggested we update the SD card using the Rand McNally Dock software. So, we will do that this evening and see if that helps.

We did not get to the poor audio, but will do so when I call Santos back to report on the GPS issue.

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