MB Sprinter 3500 Upgrades

The coach was dropped off at CarToys today (2790 miles on the odometer) to have the front dash speakers installed.  Hopefully that will improve the sound quality of the atrocious Xite radio unit. UPDATE: See above.  We bought a separate Garmin GPS as the Rand McNally GPS built into the Xite is hopeless. I will call Xite today to get their take on that. Previously, we had the following added to the coach:


Custom rectangular table from Shop4Seats.com (Med. Oak Standard Table top 28×20 with hardware). This table takes the place of the round table I made as seen below.  If fits nicely between the two rear captain chairs, and will also fit if the optional cabinet is installed behind the driver’s seat.  So now we need another table pole for the rear table if we want to use both tables simultaneously.



Replacement front carpeted floor mat.  Huge improvement over the rag included with the unit with the ERA emblazoned across it.  It fits great, and looks great (mine is black).

Era Mat

This is what came with the coach.

Here is the new, aftermarket floor mat:





Order yours here:

On order (CW):

Small vacuum

Table pole

Thinking about it:

TMPS (Tire Minder). Is this really needed on a Class B? Your comments welcomed.

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