Warranty work all done (almost, maybe)

5 Minutes after I posted the Warranty Update yesterday, our service advisor called to say the coach is ready.  So we sat in traffic on Interstate 35 just South of Denton while they cleared an accident, hoping to get to McClain’s RV before they closed at 6. We made it with an hour to spare.  LESSON learned from this experience: When picking up your unit after any work, check ALL systems, switches, valves, latches, etc.  First of all, one of the small issues was the missing shower curtain ring.  I noted during the walk-through yesterday that they had not installed it.  So we retrieved it from the parts department and I attached it with pliers when we arrived home.  They also fixed the small screens.  They are now tight against the window frames.  A new Jensen TV (with all good pixels) had been installed. So far, so good.

As far as the gap in the glass on the left hand side of the coach, McClain’s sent a picture of it to Winnebago and we are waiting to see what Winnebago says. Click on the picture below to see the issue.

Finally, as I was backing up to leave, the Xite radio/DVD/Sirius/toaster/backup camera said: “No Video detected”. This was a new problem that the coach did not have when it was dropped off.  SO: AGAIN: When picking up your unit after any work, check ALL systems, switches, valves, latches, etc. not just those issues for which it was taken.  I have to give kudos to McClain’s service techs Jonathan and David, as they stayed past quitting time to remove the Xite unit, and determine the video cable to the unit had not been firmly seated and had jostled loose. Reconnected, and all is well.  My McClain’s service meter ticked up from 8 to 9. (1 awful, 10 best).  I had McClain’s change the generator oil (20 hours) per the Cummins Onan instructions.  Could have done it myself, but why if it is already in the shop? It cost $116.00 for that service.  Maybe I should have done it myself. However, considering the good service we have received from McClain’s so far on the warranty items, overall, the price paid is fair.

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8 Responses to Warranty work all done (almost, maybe)

  1. bkkids1 says:

    I pick up my 70x hopefully this weekend from McClains in Denton. I’m glad to hear your experience with them so far has been positive.

    When you did your walk through, how long did it take? Did you feel rushed? I’ve never had an RV before so I plan to record and take copious notes, esp based on the details and initial issues you found.


    • winnebago70x says:

      Good luck with your ERA70X. Our walk-through was only as rushed as we made it. The tech was willing to take as much time as necessary to show us everything, but like you, we are first timers so it was information overload. I recall little from the walk through, so I often have to reference the thin manual that comes with the coach to see how to do something. One thing I learned, be sure to turn off the AC (or make sure it is off) when starting the generator. We twice tripped the circuit breaker before we learned that (and it is tough to reset because you have to crawl under the unit to access the breaker). One thing to ask is where is the fresh water overfill valve. I filled up our fresh water today using the gravity fill location on the passenger side door (not the fill in the service center on the left side), and when full, had water coming out from under the chassis. I crawled under, but did not see an outlet, so that seemed odd. However, once I saw that, and the level indicated freshwater full, no more water “leaked”. Anyway, be sure to check back so we can compare notes on warranty items. Best, Mike


  2. bkkids1 says:

    I’m having some cold feet about my 70x….

    McClains just called an hour ago saying that they were doing their inspection prior to my pickup tomorrow, the tech was running the refrigerator and smelled something that wasn’t right.

    Near the heat vent, they saw that the paint was MELTING off!! Kudos to McClains for telling me this but I have to wonder about Winnebago’s QC. According to McClains, Winnebago admitted that they forgot to clearcoat that panel!!! Any paint issues with your ERA? Did they ever fix the window?

    I’m not trying to scare you but I suggest you go through your RV with a fine tooth comb and document anything that you see is off. I’ve gotten a lot of good advice/tips in the short life of your blog so I only hope that I’m returning the favor.

    I can send you the photo if you’ld like….


    • winnebago70x says:

      Wow–that is not good. Are they going to get you a new coach? I’m not sure I’d take delivery of a unit that has that kind of damage. I did a walk around of our unit and did not notice any discoloration or paint issues, but I will definitely keep an eye on it. Please do send a photo–I’d like to see exactly how that QC problem manifested. Are you getting the silver or black unit? I am still waiting to hear back from McClain’s about the window gap. It really is unfortunate that Winnebago and their workers can’t put a little more pride into their work. And we wonder why the Japanese/Koreans/Chinese are kicking our butts in manufacturing…


  3. bkkids1 says:

    Here is the picture of the peeling paint. The area is located just underneath the heat vent/grate. According to Winnebago, they somehow only put 3 coats of paint (supposed to be 7 per McClains) and also forgot to clearcoat the area.

    They say it will take about a week to fix the paint.

    And no — I’m not taking delivery of this vehicle.

    It KILLS me because I custom ordered the RV in April, was promised a mid June delivery and made summer plans around getting it at that time.

    McClains matched the discount that Lichtsinn Motors offered me when I ordered the RV (22% off MRSP for the 2016 70x Black with NO nav package, with the MobilEYE — almost the same configuration as yours). I am tempted to just cancel my order and get my deposit back.


    • winnebago70x says:

      Good Luck with McClain’s. Make sure you that you can get your deposit back–that it is refundable. Don’t forfeit your deposit inadvertently. Your rights to the deposit will be in the contract you signed–don’t rely on verbal promises or representations. If they say you are obligated to take delivery lest you forfeit your deposit, you’d have to see if the failure to deliver the van contracted for entitles you to a refund of the deposit under state law (e.g., a lemon law type scenario). If they hold firm and you do end up with delivery, at least see if they or Winnie will comp you something for your trouble and extend the warranty on the paint (make sure the warranty is transferable). Of course, although I am a Texas lawyer, this is just general advice as I do not represent you! Keep us posted on this.


  4. bkkids1 says:

    I spoke to the manager today. He said they will cut me a check on monday to refund my deposit. I’ll wait and see.


    • winnebago70x says:

      I hope it goes well. Hopefully you are able to find a suitable replacement. Although we have had the usual warranty issues to get fixed, which is annoying, we are overall glad we bought our coach. Please spread the word of this website the more people see this and are aware of your experience, the higher the likelihood that the manufacturers will take notice. It is only through public pressure that they will improve their quality.


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