Winnebago has QC, yes?

We are enjoying our 2016 ERA 70X, but continue to find small issues that need to be addressed.  For future purchasers of this coach, consider this a running list of things you should look for during your pre-delivery inspection. Photos of these items will follow soon.

Left side rear glass is not flush against coach.  Mercedes or Winnnie issue?


Click to see gap between glass and coach

Rear vent locking mechanism on Dometic A/C will not lock into closed position.


Turn on the A/C, try to block rear vent and force of air pushes it open.

Front right hand side tire dropped about 10 psi for some reason.  Got it back to 55 psi cold and will monitor. Fortunately, a week later, the psi is holding.

Rear window rubber surround is poorly fitted.


Does Winnebago care about quality? Here is place where attention to detail what cost nothing and would increase perception of quality.

Plywood cover over rear cushions appears to have been cut by an 11 year old with limited jigsaw skills.


Splintered cut plywood with anti-slip mat.  I appreciate giving junior high students a chance to monetize their wood shop projects, but on a six figure coach?

Waiting for McClains to call about the Jensen TV replacement and shower ring. UPDATE: The new Jensen TV has arrived within the week as promised.  The shower curtain ring has not arrived. Hopefully, next week (July 20 or so).

Now that we have 1,500 miles and 4 weeks on the unit, here are some further observations.  Top speed on the interstate has been about 80 miles per hour. Usually, we are keeping it between 60 and 70 mph and are averaging 16 miles per gallon.  We had to refill the propane ($3.99 per gallon) with 11 gallons of propane after running the generator for 15 hours, and using the propane hot water heater once or twice.  Presumably, the propane was also being used to power the reefer when not attached to shore power (which has not been too long as we plug into 20 amp power at home).  We have emptied the gray water tank twice (showers and sink use).  We still have managed NOT to use the receptacle that feeds into the black water tank.  We are special people. The unit has been on the road a total of 6 days in the last 4 weeks (Dallas to Caprock Canyon south of Amarillo and back, Dallas to Austin to El Campo to Bellville to Waco to Dallas (the tour of East Texas), and Dallas to Paris and back).

The microprocessor and memory in the GPS Infotainment unit are significantly underpowered. The navigation function, when using the satellite radio, has unacceptable latency.  The navigation function often freezes up or is about 5-10 minutes behind the actual location of the unit.  The touchscreen function is painfully slow: to enter in a town or address takes several minutes as you punch in each letter.  This is because the unit is searching its database as it goes, but, as noted, the processor/memory is unable to keep up.  Either the microprocessor cannot process the multiple threads fast enough, or the memory is insufficient to store data that is being processed.  In this day and age of cheap processor power and memory, this is unacceptable.  Considering the list price ($1,500) for that unit, Winnebago seriously needs to consider replacing its dash electronics vendor.  The sound from stereo was atrocious, so we added a behind dash Alpine 45 watt amplifier and replaced the door speakers with 6 inch coaxial Alpine speakers.  The sound is not as bad, but is still pretty awful.  The culprit is the speakers above the dash–its as if they are mounted below a long narrow tube.  The music sounds as if it is being delivered in a tunnel at a range of 2,000-5,000 hertz. Even adjusting the tone controls (minimizing the mid range) does little to improve it.  We may need to have Car Toys replace those also. I hesitated from having them do that as I did not want then to have to take down the blind fixture to access the speakers,  Might need to rethink that.

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Between the two of us, we are proud parents, Texans, Texas Exes, long distance runners, cyclists, adventurers, a guitar player, a computer programmer, a great cook, a lawyer, an engineer, a physicist, etc. etc.
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1 Response to Winnebago has QC, yes?

  1. We’ve been shopping, and noticed a big lack of QC on ALL makes and models, but the winnebagos we looked at were especially bad. I’m glad your dealer is so great to get all of these fixed for you.

    I loved your comments about the 11-year old with a jigsaw. We thought the same thing.


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