Pre-Delivery Inspection

It appears we will pick up our RV tomorrow.  Here is some of the questions I have come up with–some being very specific to our 2016 ERA 70X.  Anything you would add?


  1. Has cabinet behind driver been installed? No. Overlooked by McClains.  TO be installed (hopefully) July 1, 2015
  2. How to check for roof/window leaks? No good response other than look for leaks.
  3. Are carpets for cab included? Yes. Not high quality though.
  4. Check Satellite operation. Everything works great.
  5. Check Lane monitor/collision avoidance operation. Works well. Maybe too well. Gets to be an annoying traffic nanny.
  6. Awning operation (sliding door open/closed) Works great.
  7. How critical are leveling blocks? They are not for a unit that size.  Adding levellers may void Mercedes warranty.
  8. Refrigerator operation (3 way, when to use one over the other). Automatic operation
  9. Microwave operation (generator/shore power). Yes, both. But when using 120 V (with dog bone), cannot operate MW and AC at the same time.
  10. How to get more propane? Truck stops, RV Parks, Propane dealer.  Certified tech must replenish.
  11. Water heater operation/pilot light. Auto ignitor. If it goes out, head to repair shop/dealer for repair.
  12. Water pump operation? Air is in line. Priming lines unsuccessful.  To be looked at under warranty.
  13. Generator operation/use.  Do not switch off and on in short order. Circuit breaker is located on generator under coach. It will trip if AC is on when generator is turned off or on.
  14. How to run A/C without generator (30 Amp shore power/while driving?). With 30 Amp shore power or with generator on only.
  15. Is shower drain gravity fed? Yes, but our drain doesn’t. Warranty item to be fixed.
  16. How/when to use Water pump? When not on city fresh water. We could not prime the lines to get air out.  Warranty item. When on city fresh water, make sure to turn from Fill to Normal in service center.  When filling fresh water tank, be sure it is on Fill and the fresh water inlet on entry side of coach is opened in case of overfill.
  17. Alarm system? None. To be installed aftermarket.
  18. Diesel Exhaust Fill (how often?) When instructed on message annunciator in cab.
  19. How to charge coach batteries (while driving?) Yes, will charge while driving or when on shore power.
  20. How to drain hot water heater. See instruction manual.
  21. How to drain fresh water tank. See instruction manual.
  22. How to drain black water and grey water tanks. See instruction manual.
  23. How to use shore power (what does it power, AC, microwave, reffer?). It powers all electrical components.
  24. Black water hose storage. Big hose that connects to macerator hose can only be stored in coach (yuck). Need plastic bin.
  25. Toilet maintenance supplies. Obtained.
  26. Where are batteries located? Coach batteries are located near rear wheels.
  27. Engine/undercarriage inspection (look for leaks). Did not crawl on ground.  Assumed the dealer tech did as part of their inspection.
  28. Diesel engine maintenance intervals. See manual.
  29. Break-in period? See manual.
  30. Tire pressure monitors (need for metal valve stems?) Not necessarily.
  31. Mountain climbing (altitude)/brake wear/downshifting. Diesel performs better at higher altitudes.  Can downshift MB Diesel engine manually moving the gear lever to the L or R when in Drive.

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Between the two of us, we are proud parents, Texans, Texas Exes, long distance runners, cyclists, adventurers, a guitar player, a computer programmer, a great cook, a lawyer, an engineer, a physicist, etc. etc.
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5 Responses to Pre-Delivery Inspection

  1. bkkids1 says:

    congrats on your era! we take delivery mid july on our black 2016 70x from mcclains also. we live in fort worth. are you planning to get an inverter installed?


    • winnebago70x says:

      Good luck with your new 70X. We are really enjoying ours–a few hiccups but nothing major. So far, we have not needed an inverter as we usually are either on 30 Amp shore power or using the generator (we have tripped the generator circuit breaker twice–High A/C, Satellite TV and then Microwave all running together draw too much current). Let me know how your inverter works. I assume you are inverting the 12V coach batteries into 120V A/C? What kind of power will that provide? What will you be able to run off the inverter?


  2. David Bacani says:

    I just put an offer in on a used 2015 ERA 70X. Your list is a good start. Would you add anything else after 2 years?


    • winnebago70x says:

      Check the shower head switch and make sure it is still snug. Our broke off shortly after we bought it so we had to buy a new shower head. We sold our ERA70x last year after our return from California, but would buy another if we relocated West (not many places to RV here in North Texas). We had a great time with our RV, notwithstanding the bugs and minor nits.


    • winnebago70x says:

      One other thing, Check the overhead LED lights. Winnebago got a bad batch of them from China and had a stealth recall. Ours started burning out about 6 months after we bought the unit. Grins RV replaced 3 of them, but were supposed to replace all of them (which they did not do). Check if the 2015 ERA also has bad LEDs installed.


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