Sierra Nevada Base Camp


We picked up the Conestoga from See Grins just in time for a weekend trip into the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  Continue reading

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Yet Another Rock n Roll Recap


Do you want to hear about our Half Marathon in San Diego last weekend or get a status report on the Conestoga? Ok, I’ll start with the run report. I’ll finish with a Talking Cartoon Horse.

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Streets of San Francisco


Fudge it.  That’s my advice if you want to run the 12K Bay to Breakers next year. If you run a 10 minute mile, register as a 6 minute miler to get as close to the front as possible (why’s that middle-aged white dude up front with the Kenyans?).  Otherwise if you start in your correct corral like we did, you will spend the first 4 miles dodging and weaving walkers, stoppers and stumblers.  My preview post estimated 10,000 runners.  That was correct–but there were actually 40,000 registered participants (and another estimated 60,000 bandits), of which only about 10% actually ran.

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Accidental Marathon Training



Just as our path forward with training for a full Marathon appeared uncertain, we have inadvertently added some runs that nicely correlate with Hal Higdon’s Marathon Training Guide for novices, v.2. It started last weekend with S and I splitting a half Marathon in Santa Barbara, then today we signed up for that 12K running freak show through San Francisco known as the Bay to Breakers.

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We arrived in the Santa Ynez Valley on Friday in the Conestoga.  The Santa Ynez Valley is just north of Santa Barbara in the Central California wine country, 230 miles South of the Western Outpost.  We arrived early to drive the race route, in particular, to check out the corkscrew, a nearly vertical climb at about mile 7.   Continue reading

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R and R (Races and RVing)


We are signed up for the Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Marathon next week.  If you’ve seen the highly acclaimed movie Sideways with Paul Giamatti, you’ll have a good idea of the towns, back roads and vineyards we will be running through and around. Continue reading

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Ides of March + 7

Dallas RnR

We learned the hard way that running with the residual effects of the flu and neglecting training certainly has an effect on one’s running performance.  The Dallas Rock n Roll Half Marathon was not the bucket of monkeys for which we had hoped.

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Wintering out West


We’ve been out West for a few weeks and it seems like it’s been raining non-stop since we’ve returned. Persistent rain in the South Bay is not part of the Chamber of Commerce pitch.  And now, instead of complaining of drought, the locals complain of flooding. The silver lining is that as the rain moves east and is orographically lifted over the Sierra Nevada range, it freezes. Some are speculating that the ski resorts will be able to stay open into July. This time last year they were closing.

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Climbing the Mountain


I joked about the hill at mile 12 of the Austin Half Marathon in my last post, which was an about face from my cursing of that hill as I ran it. I named it the Crusher, because after conquering the 4 hills leading up to it, having run 93% of the Austin Half Marathon, that steep hill on 15th Street has a tendency to crush one’s spirit.  So many people end up walking.  Fortunately, our next run, the Dallas Rock n Roll Half Marathon is flat and fast.

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The Cruelest Half Marathon


The Austin Half Marathon is one brutal course.  Sunday, Valentines Day 2016, started at 5:15 a.m. with a quick trip to Starbucks for a caffeine jolt before we walked across the Congress Avenue Bridge for the 7 a.m. start.  That morning, we cajoled the front desk at the hotel out a couple of industrial size garbage bags, into which we promptly tore head holes to use as disposable windbreakers.  The chilly runners at the start envied us. It’s a race–and we were already getting into our competitors’ heads. Continue reading

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